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We are very excited to announce the first exhibition in the UK by artist Gordon & Mary, at Coldharbour London. The show will represent a comprehensive insight into the work by the artistic partnership since their formation in 2008.

Described as ‘Grand but Intimate’ Gordon & Mary’s art explores the subject of human identity through large, richly textured and layered paintings, created in some cases over a number of years, utilizing a process of collaged materials, including fabrics, wood, paper and metals with paint at the heart of each work. The overall effect has a flamboyant, expressionistic appearance in many cases of a dominating, central iconic figure.

This accumulative process is also witnessed in their short video pieces, which the artist has been working on recently. The videos themselves are like the paintings, where the sequence images are layered and laced together, dramatised by richly crafted sounds.As well as paintings and videos the show will have a dedicated room to small works on paper, including drawings and prints.

Before Gordon & Mary formed their partnership the two artists had success in their own right, both having completed postgraduate studies at The Royal College of Art. These include a mural commission for The Barbican Centre, London, exhibiting at the John Moores Biennial Painting Prize at The Walker Gallery, Liverpool and exhibiting in a combined show at The Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Throughout the duration of the show at Coldharbour London members of the press, galleries and curators will have the opportunity to meet Gordon & Mary and discuss their work. Appointments can be made through the artist or the gallery.

For further information please contact:
Gordon & Mary: / 07793 837073
Coldharbour London: / 07815 894391

Heartland, mixed media on canvas

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